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Now I love animals, and I mean love them. I’m probably one of those annoying people who always talk about my pets and animal rights and all that shininigin. So I’m going be openly honest and say I cannot stand people who abuse/mistreat/kill animals. I mean i could actually shoot people like that so easily. It really, really gets to me when I find stuff like this and it really upsets me too. As a cat owner myself, I can safely say they are intelligent, elegant and beautiful animals and I cannot stand people who take advantage of their vulnerability “because they can”. The same with all animals. Im sorry to say but this world is so fucked up and humankind is destroying the planet and all the inhabitants of it apart from ourselves or course who are continuing to gain more and more power and destruction. So when I came across this article one day, probably on the PETA website I found it horrific that people can be so cruel to such innocent animals. This is what I found out.

Cruelty against cats is increasing in Guangdong, China, where over 10,000 domesticated cats are eaten daily. The cats, some of which are apparently being stolen from people’s houses, are transported in small cages to restaurants in the town where they are then cooked, often while they are still alive.The large city of Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangzhou province in the People’s Republic of China has started a new “fashion” trend in fine cuisine, cats.  Now, the restaurants on the outskirts of the city advertising “cat’s boiled alive” attracts them (of course :s). The photo below shows a typical chinese “cat restaurant’s”

food storage area. Dozens of kitty cats are kept in these metal crates for days, 10% dying from poor conditions, fatigue and disease. Beforehand, the kittens were bred for one purpose and one purpose only, to be eaten. More often than not, the kittens are reared in small rooms, each with a rope around their neck tied to a wall for the full 12 months of their kittenhood. The chinese believe eating kittens is unlucky so therefore, they wait until there adulthood before behind transfered to such horrific restaurants to await their fate.

A chef at such a restaurant had this to say,

What is “boiled alive cat”?

Cook: “[The cat] cannot be completely beaten to death, [because] it also needs to be boiled a little, this is what ‘live cooked cat’ is.”

Why do so many people like eating cat?

Cat eater: Eating cat meat can cure asthma, is a health supplement [something eaten for health benefits].

Cat meat has been traditionally believed to be effective for helping a person’s yin and yang balance, whereas recorded in Guangdong Yue cuisine recipies is a dish called “Long hu dou” [literally, “dragon fighting tiger”. The reason why cat meat is held in esteem lies in the naive belief of its eaters that it has a “health supplementing/boosting” effect.

The photos to the left show the preparation of a white cat to be eaten. The top picture shows a man holding up a cat from the “fur-removal machine” and the disturbing image below shows the cat being hung on a hook publically for weighing. May I also add that the sick bastard customers get to choose the cat they would like to eat from one of those crammed disgusting crates, similar to that of picking a lobster in a fancy restaurant.

Shown right is the cat still attached to the hook being boiled alive, conscious and breathing. Shown left bottom is the cat with its organs removed and right bottom displays the disburbing process of the cooking of the cat with a blowtorch.

“Express” reporter also discovered in an interview: To guarantee the freshness of the cat meat, most cat meat restaurants have adopted “live cooked cat”, “beating”, and similar methods of slaughtering live cats. “The more suffering, the better the taste. Doing it like this is to ensure that the blood is fully soaked into the flesh, and that the flavor of the cat meat prepared tastes great.”

So basically, the more “we” torture the poor creature and make it endure pain, the better tasting it is? This is ridiculous, no harmless animal should go through anything like this. It really angers and upsets me that people think this is OK and furthermore, would eat from such a restaurant.

I understand that this is olden chinese culture, and this does not relate to the whole of china as a country the same way when an abused dog in the UK is discovered we do not point to the whole nation. And like cows or pigs, it is normal cuisine in some countries, this is not what gets to me. It is the way it is done and frankly I think all animals in the food industry should be treated with utter respect and humanly killed.

I own a beautiful white cat called Luna Moon, thank god she’s not in china 😦

Those who have scrolled this far to read these words, please forward/repost this on, and pray for these shameless diners, because you [they, the diners] will suffer retribution in the future!!!

Cathryn Gribben