Plenty Of Fish Aka Pish Game


Sooooo, I came across the blog which i found hilarious. This guy joined plenty of fish (the dating website) and mailed girls telling them they are beautiful and then drawing them on paint really, really badly. As sad as it is, I genuinly found it quite funny so thought I would give it a go.

So made a fake profile and got bombarded with new messages. I must admit i used a very pretty girl as my profile pic to reel them in haha. Also came across my ex which i found quite funny, pointed it out to him and he deleted it promptly :p haha.

Anyways…It goes something like this.


Ok…that’s all im doing because I genuinly feel bad now. There are some really nice guys talking to me or my fake me and don’t want to upset them or actually just because it’s not actually me, silly I know. /fun while it lasted thou hahaha.

Time to delete the profile :p

Actually…change of plan 🙂 Just thought of something hahahaha. What if, when I draw these guys i add myself and a couple of children with a love heart. I wonder how they will react to that. For example:

This was not the reply i was expecting…once again, I feel bad. Enough is enough I think. Im sooooowwwwrrrryyyyy guys 😦




Google Auto Complete Is Silly

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Have you ever noticed how silly some of google’s search items are when you type in a couple of words into the search bar? hahaha…I will show you some examples:

Below is the 1st page I came across on google whilst clicking on i’m feeling lucky from the words “is it normal”!

Also…here are a few more examples of bizarre things that people look up…keep in mind the results google show are what people search most :p

Girls wearing condom’s, how would that even work???


That is all for now. I swear google use to have better ones, but maybe they cleaned the results up a little 😦 boo

Save the Blob Blobfish


Quite a short acrticle but this intrigued me…

I stumbled across this creature yesterday, it is a blobfish! I think it is awesome looking; the metro describes it as the most miserable-looking animal. Either way, thought I would give it a little publicity and awareness due to it being near extinction. The sad, old man-looking fish are only found in the depths of water off Australia and Tasmania and are rarely seen by humans hence why i’ve only just discovered it.

It’s funny because I showed my mum this photo and she thought it was just some clay-monster model or something or nothing. Anyways some facts about the blobby blob:

  • They have no need to hunt, they just open their mouth and swallow any “food” floating by that looks good
  • These blobs are in danger due to getting caught in nets for lobster catches
  • They have no muscle, infact they can’t really move…they just float around in the same place. Sounds fun
  • Therefore, they are classed as lazy
  • Too lazy to even smile?
  • The last blobfish spotted alive was back in 2005. They might already be extinct 😦
  • However, their legacy lives on within me 🙂