Quite a short acrticle but this intrigued me…

I stumbled across this creature yesterday, it is a blobfish! I think it is awesome looking; the metro describes it as the most miserable-looking animal. Either way, thought I would give it a little publicity and awareness due to it being near extinction. The sad, old man-looking fish are only found in the depths of water off Australia and Tasmania and are rarely seen by humans hence why i’ve only just discovered it.

It’s funny because I showed my mum this photo and she thought it was just some clay-monster model or something or nothing. Anyways some facts about the blobby blob:

  • They have no need to hunt, they just open their mouth and swallow any “food” floating by that looks good
  • These blobs are in danger due to getting caught in nets for lobster catches
  • They have no muscle, infact they can’t really move…they just float around in the same place. Sounds fun
  • Therefore, they are classed as lazy
  • Too lazy to even smile?
  • The last blobfish spotted alive was back in 2005. They might already be extinct 😦
  • However, their legacy lives on within me 🙂